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The Sailshade Commercial Design
2008 – present

Many mill and commercial buildings have single glazed windows. The heating costs are enormous. Moveable insulation systems in the windows that are affordable make a lot of sense. Our three panel design may not cost a great deal more than hiring staff or carpenters to put in plastic with frames or plywood. Those solutions greatly compromise the aesthetics of a building. There is also an option of five panels shades reducing the size of the bundle when the shade is up. This commercial Sailshade model has Roc-lon 3-pass blackout lining on both the front and the back of the shade augmenting the insulating performance. Roc-lon Satin Tone Blackouts come in 32 beautiful colors. The gallery of photos shows an installation in an 1860 granite mill building and in two dormitories of Colorado College, Colorado Springs. For more information about the insulation itself, visit Low-e performance has not been formally tested in Sailshade applications.

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